Our History

Gandom Koban Heray Flour Production Company has been established in 1397 on a 12,000 square meter land in the industrial town of Herat province in order to develop the industry of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and to produce various types of baking and industrial flour. The company is able to produce 160 tons of bakery and industrial flours daily, part of the daily needs of consumers for this vital substance.

The company has 85 personnel and technicians in the field of flour production, quality control, technical and engineering, office and services. One of the goals of this center is to produce and present a quality product, in compliance with all international standards, in order to satisfy customers in addition to providing services. The effort of this company is to produce and present quality products in accordance with modern standards in order to satisfy customers and consumers. It will also make every effort to improve the quality and diversification of its products.

Our Goals

  •  Customer orientation and attention to the needs and desires of customers
  •  Reduce costs as much as possible and manage costs effectively
  •  Reconstruction and renovation of production lines with the aim of solving technical problems of production units
  • Expand the product portfolio in various ways in order to reach consumer markets
  • Applying health standards to produce quality flour without pollution
  • Strengthen sales infrastructure by developing quality systems and upgrading marketing structures
  • Creating appropriate opportunities to compete with neighboring countries and generally develop export markets
  • Providing quality materials at reasonable prices and creating related channels in order to dominate international markets
  • Use of mechanized devices and equipment as well as regular planning for maintenance and repair of production infrastructure
  • Improving the level of safety of the company’s personnel and employees in order to reduce accidents and prevent accidents and work-related diseases

Our vision

  • Increase customer satisfaction and provide superior quality based on customer requirements
  • Optimal use of equipment and machinery and regular planning of maintenance and repair of production infrastructure
  • Identify, organize and continuously improve the current processes of the organization
  • Increasing the health level of products and ensuring food safety
  • Empowering and improving the level of competence of human resources through human resource processes
  • Increase the level of safety of employees and stakeholders, reduce harmful factors in the work environment, prevent accidents and the occurrence of work-related diseases

The management of the company is committed, in order to meet the requirements and comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and to achieve the above goals to make every effort and to achieve the goals through the participation of employees. Kuban Harry Wheat Flour Production Company is ready to provide services to consumers and traders throughout the country as a shopping center for all types of wheat flour.

Most of the flour available in the country is made from imported wheat. This company supplies wheat from the best wheat importers. Then the flour is produced, sorted and graded by Kuban Harry Wheat Flour Production Company with modern and completely healthy machines and is offered in the requested packages. Wheat flour, including baking flour and null flour can be ordered from this center. Ask us for the best flour produced.

our Values

  1.  Commitment And Expertise:
    Considering that commitment and expertise are one of the most important and vital factors in an organization, Gandom Koban Heray Flour Production Company has paid special attention in this field and employs elite and specialized people.

  2. Applying Health Standards:
    We always try to provide quality flour to our customers by applying health standards and standards to ensure the accuracy of all our customers because the accuracy of our customers is very important to us.

  3. Customer Oriented:
    One of the most important part of a customer organization. Customer satisfaction occurs when quality products are offered to them by companies. Gandom Koban Heray Flour Production Company is determined in this regard.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of the management of Kuban Harry Wheat Flour Production Company considers customers as its biggest asset and puts the slogan “always right with the customer” as its top priority and does its best to satisfy; Has complied with their requirements and demands as well as complying with laws and regulations.

Koban Harry Wheat Flour Production Company as one of the companies active in the field of flour production, goals such as meeting legal requirements and agreements with customers on food safety, continuous improvement of product quality, timely delivery of goods, customer satisfaction and customer recognition and customer recognition All stages of production, effective communication with health and standard organizations of Afghanistan through the technical experts of the organization, has established a food quality and safety management system based on ISO9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2018 and HACCP. Has set:

• Efforts to reduce food hazards

• Production of products in accordance with national and international standards

• Improving the quality of products and increasing customer satisfaction

• Increase productivity in order to enable the company to compete with other companies globally

• Increasing the technical knowledge of staff and their scientific level as one of the main assets of the company

• Establishment of quality management system, supply of modern equipment, food safety control and obtaining relevant certificates

Active participation of personnel in the company’s affairs and observing the principle of continuous improvement are the most important strategies of the organization to achieve the above goals and the company’s management is committed to meeting the requirements and continuous improvement of quality management system and healthy product production and GHP and GMP principles. Knows all stages of production.

Our Certificates: