Our Products

Gandom Koban Heray Flour Production Company offers the following products to our dear compatriots.

Flour Zero

Null flour is the same white flour that is also known as white flour (three zeros) pastry. It has a completely uniform texture and soft granulation as well as high protein quality. The color of zero flour is light, free of bran and stains. This flour is used to prepare a variety of confectionery products such as cakes, cookies, biscuits, crackers and some types of sweets.


We know that the husks of grains such as wheat, rice and barley are called bran, and the flour that contains these husks is called whole wheat flour. Daily consumption of wheat bran can prevent osteoporosis, constipation, anemia, obesity, hyperlipidemia, colon cancer, cardiovascular disease, indigestion, nerve weakness, general and sexual weakness.

Baking Flour

Baking flour is a flour that is bran between 8-12% depending on the customer’s needs and uses the outer layers of wheat and to some extent the grain kernel (endosperm). This flour is used to make all kinds of bread. Baking flour is enriched with iron and folic acid and therefore meets the nutritional needs of different groups, especially children, women and the elderly.